June 3, 2011

Random blahness

Sorry for the inexcusable absence from the blog, but Taipei is far more overwhelming than expected.  

I have gained a few unwanted extra pounds,
sore overworked limbs and am always worrying about being friggin constipated. 

Not too sure how much time it may take
to catch up on an extreme lack of sleep especially with the
weekend round the corner.

however, am pledging to post more often
 with plenty of Spring/Summer inspiration to rejoice as i
embrace the hot yet cool weather...


June 1, 2011


every now and then there is a need to let loose
and put your hands up in the air
and wave it like you just don't care
and that was exactly what i did last night


my first time at a KTV in Taipei!!
compared with the prices back home
it is relatively costly to sing here whether you eat or not
*stupid me, i didn't eat*

they have the latest songs, very updated
except English songs
but i managed to belt out a few that i knew
including MJ's Beat it

now, i wanna go clubbing


April 21, 2011

My crowning glory

i've had black hair for the longest time i remember
the only time i colored my hair 
was when i was in NZ and 
that was like some decade ago, if i recall correctly

black has always been my perennial choice
because it is fuss free
and i don't have to go for any touch up
and mostly because i can't deal with sitting hours and hours
waiting for my hair to be done

but out of the blue
one fine day
introduced by my friend, who has this mane of gorgeous hair
that i really envied i decided to check out the salon
who colored her hair

Spingky Salon is located at Jalan Song
very close to One Jaya shopping mall, right above Pizza Hut
that day i thought i was just going to check the place out
but i sat down and started to look at the color chart and the rest was history

and on that fateful day
with the encouragement from a few friends
emboldened by the stylists i decided to bleach my hair to color my hair
but because i wanted a quickie my hair turned out awkward
lighter at the crown and darker at the ends

so the next day i had it rectified on the house
choosing a different color altogether, an ashy series
Anthony and Korea together to the rescue again
this time round i left my hair entirely to the professionals and kept my mouth shut
i didn't rush them unlike the day before
silky and shiny hair is what you get when you don't rush them
leaving them to do it at their own pace
but their hands were deft
cause they were good at what they did best

and all i could say was i was pleasant surprised
that my hair remained soft and silky even after that bleached it twice
back to back in two days!
Additionally, Korea, who took charge of my hair was very patient with me
and was also very focused on the job
being the perfectionist that he is

trust me ya'll are missing out if you haven't been already been to Spingky Salon
if you haven't already been there
 for the ultimate experience
look for either Anthony Milo or Spingky is the creative director
and quite my name Ericka for a 10% discount
but terms and conditions apply

so what are you waiting for now?
put everything down and head to Spingky Salon
and get that makeover you deserve
for a new spanking new look .................
you will be pleasantly surprised what look they can create for you

all the rest of the crew are uber friendly
and all of them will ensure that you walk out like a princess
Joan, Steve and Wind
they are all one bunch of friendly people that mean business when it comes to hair

go go go now

April 1, 2011

Event after event .................

i'd be thankful, grateful (eternally), appreciative if the Big Man up there would give me a break once in a blue moon and stop giving me so many obstacles that probably Zena or Hercules could only overcome, or the Potter boy himself. After a whirlwind trip to Sibu, and a canceled trip to Singapore, I found myself in Taipei again in late March, this time with only my parents.

The night markets were not spared of course but this time the massive shopping centers i passed on them because the trip wasn't a leisure holiday. It was rather more like a spiritual one than it is a shopping trip. But night markets are a must because there is always a good bargain somewhere....trinkets and all.

A slight recap from my last trip here in October, the weather then was much hotter while it is really windy and cold now. Thinking that it should be entering Spring i brought alot of florals and light jackets i ended up buying a hugeass jacket in the end to fight the cold. And everyday now and then i'd find myself walking into 7/11 to buy the hand warming packs cause they were cold even though i had gloves on. I brought only a pair of jeans and bought another pair, thank god i did cause in my suit cases were mostly floral skirts etc...

And there were more bad news, but i do not think i want to share with the whole world. I'm sorry, some things do have to be personal cause i really don't have want to have to talk about it, especially now. Life would consist more of traveling from now onwards. ;) everyday when i think about it, i'd just tell myself how gullible i was to believe everything i hear or see. Maybe it is because i do not go around with a motive. They say you will never meet a liar unless you are one, and i believe that is true.

moving on to lighter and cheery things, here are some photos i took at the xin yuan bed&breakfast at Yilan and it is nothing less than remarkable. The place is beautifully done up and the ambience is great, cosy and homely which is just great because i am homesick, really. gosh i really miss my fifi and i hope my tbrother and aunty has fed him well and kept him hydrated. He must be crazy wondering where his mummy has left him. I feel so guilty now. If only animals could fly too!

so much for now. some zai nan needs to use the pc and judging by the look on his face i think he is very pissed that i've been hogging the pc for way too long.


like i care,

but i need some shut eye. i don't give two hoots about you! bleh!

more soon,

January 22, 2011

Life as it is

each time i am upset or moody i am inspired to write

but as soon as the Xanax kicks in

i lose all motivation and everything is point blank again


but one thing remains for sure, and that is i’m upset again

at a time when everyone is busy scooting around town making last purchases

before they usher in the lunar new year


for me, this festive season brings me a mixed bag of emotions

happy because it marks a new phase in life, new resolutions etc

sad because it evokes unpleasant memories (not going into details)


the year of the rabbit is no exception

it has been that way since 2006 and i do not foresee a change in circumstances

and i often blame myself for these self-inflicted pain


Thank god for xanax!!!


and God if you really do exist

please make the year a smooth sailing one, albeit challenges and obstacles

because dying is not a solution


some of you may think or say that my life is far better than those in the under-developed countries

where there are famines and no food and clean water

my take is, never make comparisons


even if one has to compare

it would be on the quality of life now and then

mine has for sure deteriorated from the heydays of being filthy rich

when i was in my late twenties


a fortune teller told me that i’d strike the jackpot when i hit the forties

but not without some major challenges in my mid 30’s

36 to be more accurate


there is a high chance that i would be bed-ridden and eventually die

what scares me most was that i used to tell my childhood friends that

i wouldn’t live beyond 36 …………..


the past two years have been tumultuous, pathetic and terribly lonely

while most of my peers are happily married with children and some still high flyers

mine was lived in solitude with no shoulder to cry on


pathetic because it’s a Saturday tonight and it is half past ten as i type

and i am home, yes i am home without an agenda

or a number i could dial to turn things around, nurture my soul whatevs


perhaps i should go to sleep like i always do

and i’d tell myself that tomorrow will be a better day

such is life


goodnite earthlings


January 14, 2011

Food glorious food

lately the gloomy cold weather has sent everyone into a steamboat frenzy

and i was no exception

the longer it rained the more we craved for steamboat




of all the steamboat restaurants that we tried

there is no doubt that the one near RH plaza at BDC owned by the Chinese lady

was the best

not only because of the soup base, but because they had the most

awesome sauces where one gets to mix them to suit your likings



there is a knock-off steamboat restaurant at 101 that has almost the same, if not all

menu as the one in BDC

its only downfall was the sauces that were a tad different

and the meat were sliced too thin, so thin i couldn’t stop laughing





typing this entry makes me wanna have steamboat tonight

unless the rain stops

which is most unlikely cause it rained the whole of yesterday

and i expect the same for today since it is, after all, the monsoon season….

will starve myself today


January 7, 2011

In a flick of an eye

37 days have passed

 since my cousins arrived on Malaysian shores

today will be the last day of their vacation

before they return to Singapore tomorrow where the grueling begins

i foresee that when they return home

they will be slammed with more homework than ever

in preparation for the new year ahead

and we, especially mum, will miss them heaps

oh well, there’s always next year end

because it is an annual thing

after year-end exams they would be sent back here again

where there is no stress or pressure on studies

miss you guys!!














i wished they could come every 3 months

really i do …..

the sad thing is, i didn’t even take that many

pictures with them