April 21, 2011

My crowning glory

i've had black hair for the longest time i remember
the only time i colored my hair 
was when i was in NZ and 
that was like some decade ago, if i recall correctly

black has always been my perennial choice
because it is fuss free
and i don't have to go for any touch up
and mostly because i can't deal with sitting hours and hours
waiting for my hair to be done

but out of the blue
one fine day
introduced by my friend, who has this mane of gorgeous hair
that i really envied i decided to check out the salon
who colored her hair

Spingky Salon is located at Jalan Song
very close to One Jaya shopping mall, right above Pizza Hut
that day i thought i was just going to check the place out
but i sat down and started to look at the color chart and the rest was history

and on that fateful day
with the encouragement from a few friends
emboldened by the stylists i decided to bleach my hair to color my hair
but because i wanted a quickie my hair turned out awkward
lighter at the crown and darker at the ends

so the next day i had it rectified on the house
choosing a different color altogether, an ashy series
Anthony and Korea together to the rescue again
this time round i left my hair entirely to the professionals and kept my mouth shut
i didn't rush them unlike the day before
silky and shiny hair is what you get when you don't rush them
leaving them to do it at their own pace
but their hands were deft
cause they were good at what they did best

and all i could say was i was pleasant surprised
that my hair remained soft and silky even after that bleached it twice
back to back in two days!
Additionally, Korea, who took charge of my hair was very patient with me
and was also very focused on the job
being the perfectionist that he is

trust me ya'll are missing out if you haven't been already been to Spingky Salon
if you haven't already been there
 for the ultimate experience
look for either Anthony Milo or Spingky is the creative director
and quite my name Ericka for a 10% discount
but terms and conditions apply

so what are you waiting for now?
put everything down and head to Spingky Salon
and get that makeover you deserve
for a new spanking new look .................
you will be pleasantly surprised what look they can create for you

all the rest of the crew are uber friendly
and all of them will ensure that you walk out like a princess
Joan, Steve and Wind
they are all one bunch of friendly people that mean business when it comes to hair

go go go now