April 1, 2011

Event after event .................

i'd be thankful, grateful (eternally), appreciative if the Big Man up there would give me a break once in a blue moon and stop giving me so many obstacles that probably Zena or Hercules could only overcome, or the Potter boy himself. After a whirlwind trip to Sibu, and a canceled trip to Singapore, I found myself in Taipei again in late March, this time with only my parents.

The night markets were not spared of course but this time the massive shopping centers i passed on them because the trip wasn't a leisure holiday. It was rather more like a spiritual one than it is a shopping trip. But night markets are a must because there is always a good bargain somewhere....trinkets and all.

A slight recap from my last trip here in October, the weather then was much hotter while it is really windy and cold now. Thinking that it should be entering Spring i brought alot of florals and light jackets i ended up buying a hugeass jacket in the end to fight the cold. And everyday now and then i'd find myself walking into 7/11 to buy the hand warming packs cause they were cold even though i had gloves on. I brought only a pair of jeans and bought another pair, thank god i did cause in my suit cases were mostly floral skirts etc...

And there were more bad news, but i do not think i want to share with the whole world. I'm sorry, some things do have to be personal cause i really don't have want to have to talk about it, especially now. Life would consist more of traveling from now onwards. ;) everyday when i think about it, i'd just tell myself how gullible i was to believe everything i hear or see. Maybe it is because i do not go around with a motive. They say you will never meet a liar unless you are one, and i believe that is true.

moving on to lighter and cheery things, here are some photos i took at the xin yuan bed&breakfast at Yilan and it is nothing less than remarkable. The place is beautifully done up and the ambience is great, cosy and homely which is just great because i am homesick, really. gosh i really miss my fifi and i hope my tbrother and aunty has fed him well and kept him hydrated. He must be crazy wondering where his mummy has left him. I feel so guilty now. If only animals could fly too!

so much for now. some zai nan needs to use the pc and judging by the look on his face i think he is very pissed that i've been hogging the pc for way too long.


like i care,

but i need some shut eye. i don't give two hoots about you! bleh!

more soon,