January 14, 2011

Food glorious food

lately the gloomy cold weather has sent everyone into a steamboat frenzy

and i was no exception

the longer it rained the more we craved for steamboat




of all the steamboat restaurants that we tried

there is no doubt that the one near RH plaza at BDC owned by the Chinese lady

was the best

not only because of the soup base, but because they had the most

awesome sauces where one gets to mix them to suit your likings



there is a knock-off steamboat restaurant at 101 that has almost the same, if not all

menu as the one in BDC

its only downfall was the sauces that were a tad different

and the meat were sliced too thin, so thin i couldn’t stop laughing





typing this entry makes me wanna have steamboat tonight

unless the rain stops

which is most unlikely cause it rained the whole of yesterday

and i expect the same for today since it is, after all, the monsoon season….

will starve myself today