November 2, 2010

Hello Taipei - Day 1

whoever booked my ticket to Taipei 
is a real jerk (happens to be my brother, hehehe)
no doubt he helped me save over RM1k but the departure time for each flight
irks the hell outta me

each flight i took was real early in the morning
meaning i had to wake up at 4ish just to make it in time to the airport
be it KK or Taipei, back and forth
flying at 6am doesn't do it for me lor

but let's give credit where its due
flying MAS last trip cost me well over RM1.6k (airtickets)
on AirAsia, it is just a little below RM600
so that's an extra grand to spend .... thank you

moving on swiftly, i landed at TaoYuan International Airport at about 9am, Oct 14
it was a long walk to the arrival hall
what i noticed about the airport was that it looked refurbished
because the last time i was there, it looked a little tacky

not anymore!!!
about high time......
looks foggy = cold, so damn excited

*10 brownie points for having an air corridor!!
*flew AirAsia, meaning air bridge not a common sight!*

no excuse for getting lost!!

clean and orderly!!
Tip to all: If your stay in Taiwan is about or close to a week long, its best to get a local sim card!!
don't play play, they even have microsim card for iPhone 4!!

Taoyuan is about an hour's drive away from the cityi spent much of the journey looking out to see if the infrastructures have improved
and it has, constructino works on the highways were completed
but they were painted light blue??!!

anyway a good hour later, we arrived at Banciao
where i lived for the next few days
lugged our luggage out and up four storeys to store
unpacked and changed into something light as the weather was scorching hot

Autumn my ass!!
everyone was complaining about the hot weather
earlier on the fog i was talking about, tricked me into thinking that it was cold!!!
guess the window was just dirty

more pictures to come....
getting abit lazy!!