October 25, 2010

Flying off to

Auckland days after i've returned from Taiwan
is a bit too much for me to handle
especially when the flight itself is a long one, 12 hour!!
i wished i could keep up with my parents, unfortunately the body says no

but if i don't go, i'd be missing an opportunity of a lifetime
cause you never know when you can travel so far with your parents
within this few years
it was simply the hardest choice to make

ticket itself cost a staggering RM5.6k to fly MAS
flying Brunei Airlines cost a lot less at RM3.1k
not flying costs even more cause i know i'd splurge on something
to make up for the lost opportunity

sounds like i have already made up my mind, don't I?
which in fact, i'm still deciding ..
i could always fly on a later date, say one week after my parents
that all depends on whether i wanna put myself through
the long haul flight, ALONE...