November 4, 2010

Hello Taipei-Day 2

sStaying with relatives
i had no worries about wasting money on accomodation
i could go out whenever i wanted to
and return whenever my legs were too tired
and not a cent spent on lodging ....
i did however buy presents for my homestay parents!!
manners ma!!

so i started the day with breakfast at Banciao wet market
i went to the exact stall i visited a year ago
the somewhat skinny woman was still there but
she had forgotten who i was... ;(
but how could i forget good food?!!
Taiwan Sausage!!!! I’ve never seen so many!!

we took our sweet time getting our tummy filled with good food
and then hopped onto the bus, swiped our multipurpose card (for transportation)
to get to the Fuzhong MRT station (blue line)
to make our way to Taipei city center which is about six-seven stations
away from Banciao
*very tricky, Fuzhong is in Banciao, but there is another station called Banciao itself*
but it won't matter because you all won't be staying in Banciao
the MRT system is very easy to use and actually
has been lauded for its functionality
hence, a three times winner of the Best Transportation Award ....
(go google it - lau niang damn lazy)

we stopped at the Zhongxiao Fuxing station
walked out from exit 2 to Sogo (there are two exits to Sogo, two different buildings altogether)
turned left at the nearest alley
and started shopping at the boutiques that carried the latest fashion

one could shop at Sogo
but hindsight reminded me that you'd be paying premium
shopping in malls
besides what's the point of shopping without price haggling?
soon it was lunch and we made our way to Tu Hsiao Yueh
the highly raved restaurant
where celebrities dined
however we didn't meet any!!!

i forgot the address
but yours truly damn considerate lor
i took a photo of the road sign address
in case any of you should visit Taipei, then you can dine there yourself
and tell me if it is THAT good
i think its a cross Japanese/Taiwanese restaurant
does this remind you of cawanmushi??
unagi anyone?
this is my absolute favorite
this cha dan mian also!!!
after we had satisfied our palettes
we decided to do more shopping and also walk off the calories
the next place we went is a HAVEN for all shoppaholics
better than Pratunam, Chatujak and Sungei Wang combined....

oh ho ho
you must be thinking that i am exaggerating
wrong, no no .... i have been to many garment wholesale places before
and this takes the crown, dead serious

so from the Zhungxiao Dunhua station
we hopped onto the MRT (blue line) to Houshanpi
exited at gate 4, walked for about 5 minutes along Yongji street
to the corner of Jhongpo North Rd
and BEHOLD!!!
This is Wufenpu!!
mark this as a MUST COME area
if you don’t come, you are a suagu
so come ok?
that’s me in the green shirt
i had to give up the camera for a while
cause i was overwhelmed by what i saw
the design of clothes, price and quality, it was incredible

so fabulous i slapped myself silly to check if i was dreaming…..
take it from me
you have got to visit this place…..
some more photos to convince you hehhehe

some of you must be thinking Shibuya would beat this anytime
but at a fraction of its price
i say Wufenpu ROCKS
and Miss G if you are reading this,
please book your ticket to Taipei immediately!!!

if there was one thing i regret not doing
is probably not buying more
because i thought i’d find more bargains at Shilin night market
i truly regret!!

and lao niang doesn’t want you to regret
by posting heaps of pictures
(which i should have taken more)
this has got to be the cheapest place for garments, bags, shoes, accessories!!

if memory serves me correctly
they have specialist shops too you know
those that sell only bags, brooches, belts…
there was a shop selling only brooches and the variety/range just blew me away

i think you should get the drift by now…
i know my legs were tired and i had covered only 1/5 of the area
my mum and aunt were pooped
and thus we called it quits and headed back home for dinner….

looking back now, i should’ve ditched dinner
since i thought i’d have another shot at Wufenpu in the next few days
i regret again
anyway, moving on swiftly
if you thought day 2 was a long day,
then day 3 was neverending……..

right after dinner at a restaurant somewhere tucked along  Zhongzhen Road
we were itching to go out again….. also to walk the fats off!!!
we wanted to catch a movie and the nearest cineplex was at Global Mall
a new shopping center about 10 min drive from my temporary home

i’m glad the bf insisted we went out
else i’d never have known that going to the movies was so ex!!!
looks like magnum or sports toto shop right?

NTD540 for two person
and if you live in Taipei city, catching a movie
at New York New York would set you back by about NTD700-800
siao right?

well, i’ll save that for another day
back to Global Mall
i think it houses one of the largest pet shop i’ve ever seen
and the grooming center is far superior than some of the salons
you can find in Kuching
the puppy my mum wanted to buy… the light colored one
it is super duper uber cute lor….
can die type!!
nah, die!!
mr lonely…
afro… hahhaha

guys, this is just one section of the shop….
if the pet shop was already so big
think about the loo!!
i think too much space in Taiwan, unlike Hong Kong
where everything/place is crammed

yes the camera left my hands for a while…

and just so you know
the bf and i would stop for a drink/fag before we go home everynight..
not at a pub, but 7/11 or family mart down beneath our home
there is one convenience store, at least one, for every block of shops…
no need to drive out to get munchies, just walk a few steps…

i wish our kedai runcit was like theirs lor….
clean and spoilt for choice..
most importantly, at an affordable price
the bf did abit of calculating and there wasn’t a need for damage control
even though we ate quite a bit that day
everything was reasonably priced, nothing exorbitant
except movies!!!

i think the last picture was taken at around 11pm-12am
steady or not?
stay tuned for Day 3 – the longest day in my life in 2010