October 11, 2010

Last trip to Taiwan

was in March 2009
 i sported a short hairdo, was in top form
i was so excited i packed one week in advance
*i haven't packed yet, nor have i made reservations to stayover in KK

note to self: *must book it after this post*

was supposed to get everything done on Saturday
but my migraine attack during the weekend
was so severe i slept through both Saturday and Sunday

thank God i am ok today, if not i'd be flying in a terrible state
i feel like i have 1001 things to do

check list
  1. book KK hotel
  2. pack my bag
  3. call my aunt in Taiwan to let her know when i am arriving
  4. book hotel in XimenDing
  5. choose between Jiufen/Keelung or Yilan for excursion trip
  6. stock up on Fifi's dry food
  7. find camera/charger
  8. travel documents
  9. find ipod/novel 
  10. buy travel-sized toiletry
 anyway enough whining
here are some pics from my last trip to Taiwan

Departed KLIA *excited*

arrived early in the morning (Taoyuan International Airport)

no traffic jams on Taipei streets???

cute petrol station/colors

a quick visit to Taipei County Hall 
and the view deck to get a bird's eye view

 a lot of green construction underway

In short Day 1 was all about cruising around Taipei and Banciao
did plenty of sightseeing without stopping down 
because we were tired from the flight
and wanted to kick off our shoes and relax after all the hazzle dazzle

as most would know
the streets of Taipei are littered with small/medium vendors 
that sell snacks/noodles etc
some of the most common found food include
beef noodle, pork chop rice, braised meat rice, noodles

been to one, been to all, more or less

this bridge transports you back a few hundred years? lol
these two landmarks tell me that i am close to home *very important and hard to miss*

getting around in Taipei is easy breezy
unless you don't read Chinese and English!!

that's me. STOP!!

more pictures soon ........