October 12, 2010

Just one day to go

before i begin my journey to Taipei
and i'm down with a cold, sore throat and the occasional cough
i'm so sick i'm secretly wishing that i could flag the trip!!!
since my parents and the bf are also sick

i was thinking, that if it wasn't because of the stupid cold
8 days didn't seem enough for me to cover Taipei
as there are many places of interest to discover and explore ...

In Taipei itself, of course there is Ximending, the Harajuku of Taipei
and then there's the infamous Shihlin night market
Longshan Temple, Zhong Xiao East Road
in the Xinyi district which is littered with endless shopping malls

and outside the Taipei city 
there is Danshui, famous for the Lover's bridge
Jiufen for its scenery and romantic teahouses
Yeliu for the amazing rock formations
Keelung, a port city, and its famous Miaokou night market
Xindian (Shu Qi's hometown) for its lake
or maybe Wulai for a dip in the hot spring
Yilan via SuHua national highway which has a great ocean view (Pacific Ocean)
walao ...... how to cover all these places when we are all weak in the knees??


then there is the packing dilemma
as i was telling Ms G
i was unsure, until now, if i should bring my boots
but these boots are not made for walking!!! strut around and then die from excruciating pain

or should i pack comfy and look like a Ah Soh??
aiyerrrrr, only one night left to think about it

It is, officially autumn in Taiwan now
but it ain't that cold yet, i mean a jacket would suffice
with temperature around 29-30 deg Celcius
but with cooler wind lar...

this calls for a fashion police moment!!