October 9, 2010

All set to go, or not

D day is just round the corner
this will be the first time i'm traveling abroad with b
together with my parents as well

Where am i going?

Taiwan, Taipei
the last time i was there was last March
and i did not cover much of Taipei alone, despite my 10-day trip

this time round, i plan to visit more places since b has never been to Taipei
actually he requested to visit Jiufen (as recommended by his friends)

a quick search on the internet says that
Jiufen is a deserted mining town littered with small quaint shops/teahouses

hearsay, the view from the top, is spectacular
with the Pacific Ocean as the background
we shall see......

When am i going?

next Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010
via Kota Kinabalu, flying Air Asia

there will be a one night stay in KK
since my flight from KK to Taipei is at 0600 the following day

with one afternoon and one night to spend in KK
i've decided to either visit the islands, or maybe shop around in the city center

or maybe, rent a car and drive to 1Borneo?
no concrete plans to date

Truth is

i have not done any planning though my trip is days away
now it would have been different if i were going alone
or with a bunch of friends
but with my parents, an itinerary is useless!!

i just had my passport renewed a few days ago
was relieved that it only took 1-2 hours to get it done
a big improvement from years ago when it took a whole month
for the application or renewal to go through

i compared the old with the new and
there wasn't much changed
only maybe it has been standardized to 48 pages 
and not 32 or 64

this is how my new passport looks like
*dunno why the government can't change it to other colors...

and i think i look better in this passport than the previous one....
which is great because imma use it for five freaking years

aiya i didn't say i was pretty
i merely said i looked better in this picture compared with the one in the old passport

i still prefer the one on my Ic
cause i had falsies on and it gave definition to my eyes
unlike this one, my eyes look botak here

if you ask me i think i wanna get extensions before i go
but lately i've developed the habit of rubbing my eyes and
you can't do that when you have extensions
cause it'll spoil the lashes

decisions decisions
am never good with it
thing is falsies just doesn't do it for me

  1. takes me 30 freaking minutes just put it on
  2. have glue all over my fingers and eyelids
  3. look like a drag queen or sth with the unusually long lashes
lose:lose situation ~ bah