September 22, 2010

Rock you later

when was the last time you went for a concert?
Jolin's concert a few years back
was my last and
it was held in Genting

and when was the last time any international rock star
came to Kuching?
seriously, i can't recall

hence you all can't blame me for
being this excited
that Beyond is coming to town

and that THEY are the ones flying here
and not me flying to KL
or making my way up to the highlands

so much like most of their fans
i made my way to Spring last Saturday
for the 'meet the fans' session

although the group now consists of only two
**the band was disbanded in 2005
Ah Paul and Wong Ka Keung
are still my favorites

Although i am not a Beyond die-hard fan
who could forget singing to their sensational hits ??
songs like 海闊天空 (Boundless Oceans Vast Skies
& 光輝歲月 (Glorious Years)

the only saddening thing
is that the concert has been postponed
to January 15th, a 3-month wait
from the concert's actual date, October 3rd

anyhow i am still glad that they are coming
even though it may be a money-making scheme
it is still all good for me
i hope Kuching will play its part as a good host and crowd!!

photos will be up
**** as soon as i stop procrastinating!****