September 23, 2010

Another mundane day

A year ago
i would have been very happy
not doing anything but just flicking
from one channel to another on the idiot box

today i'm bored to the skull
sitting through dramas and sitcoms and what nots
never would i have thought
this day would come

i am so depressed
my life is pathetic because
instead of looking forward to weekends
i'm actually longing for a job

now that i'm almost fully recovered
staying home is probably the worst thing on earth
especially during the day
when frenemies are away or out at work

i cannot even imagine
how some people can actually cope with this
sleep during the day
and go out and play by night

no i can't take it anymore
i need to shout it all out, let it all out
everyone around me seems to have
an agenda or task of their own


on a separate note
it was B's lunar birthday yesterday
we celebrated it again
this time with my family

hope he is happy
if i can't be happy at least
i wish that people around me
can be happy

btw while surfin the net
i read that the medication i am on
has a "horriterrible" side effect

so no matter what i do
diet, exercise or eat less
i still will put on weight, meaning
even if i were to live on water
i'd still be fat

i feel like ending my life