September 20, 2010

Drinking tea

has become a daily habit
not your normal red tea but real chinese tea
i used to be a hardcore coffee addict
until i found out that each Nescafe sachet contains 10g of sugar
i totally flagged it

back to tea
today's tea of the day is oolong tea
brought back from Taiwan
taste quite good & the good thing
is it's not too harsh on me stomach

like when i go to kopitiam
i normally order chinese tea peng
la-sap tea leaves 
not only makes me stomach churn 
its also gastric inducing!!

anyway to be honest
i have only water and tea to pick from
given that i'm bent on losing weight
and what better than tea 

no more ribena, no more coffee
no more coke, zappel and kickapoo
no more kopi-o-peng or ice lemon tea
i hope this sacrifice
would result in a few kilos lost lor!!

if not
i can go die now lor!

going out

(edit) 2.17pm

i hate everybody
i hate the world i live in

because it is unfair

skinny people have it all
nice figure and all
so what if you have a big nose?
fork out a few $k and wala u are perfect

and me?
lipo cost $20k+
depending on where you want the fats to be sucked out
and having parents that don't really care
about me gradually becoming a blimp
doesn't really help

each time i try to put on my clothes
i turn real emo and upset
angry cause i let myself to eat so much in the past
i feel like dying

i might as well just marry and have a baby
and have a perfect excuse to remain fat forever
than i can blame my kids forever
then again i don't want 
to become my mum, always blaming and nagging

if you have a super diet plan
(besides taking street drugs)
please email me!!

nothing seem to work no more
i secretly hope that my scale at home is concusted
but even if it is not accurate
there are the clothes and jeans that i may never 
ever be able to wear again

i hate skinny people
i hate you all