September 1, 2010

Papa don't speak

i'm too lazy to do anything
yes, anything
my life couldn't be anymore mundane
day in day out
if it weren't for my dad
i probably would have stuck my head in the toilet bowl 
and flushed it

but my dad *usually jovial* is not in top form today
i left half a pineapple tart on his desk 
just to irritate him
but he kept quiet and threw it away instead
that didn't work - fail

so i said i'd make him a coffee
and i called him an addict
just to irritate him
but he said he could stop drinking starting tomorrow
that didn't work - fail

months ago, he said he'd like to make a trip to Macau
and then i told him that Matta fair 
was around the corner
and that didn't excite him
then he continued staring at his computer screen - fail

i couldn't get him to talk
i failed to irritate him
which in turn amuses me to no end
i do not know what went wrong with my dad today
and then he told me to cook rice

so i ran
as fast as i could
because i know better
i don wanna do any house chores
i really don wanna do any house chores

fail fail fail