August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday


but hor, there is no festive ambience whatsoever
some firework display last night
but that didn't even last 5 minutes * roll eyes
but idc because all i care is that B doesn't have to work today
and he can accompany me today all day

but he didn't
i think his boss needs him more than i do
so much for public holiday
no wonder he hates being in the construction line
he promised me he'd be back in a while
knowing him, a while could last one whole afternoon

aiya this feels more like my daily routine
wait wait wait till the day is over, say 5.30pm 
and that's when i and the rest of my fairy friends come out and play
i don't believe it, i check what the time is
and it shows 4.21pm
i already dislike his boss, but this has pushed it further
to the point of disgust and detest 

geram can?

anyway i feel hungry
and i don't wanna snack
i want something solid, like a hamburger or something
like i wanna try the GCB burger at McD
speaking of fast food
i thought that Pizza Hut here had the new pasta wrapped in parchment paper
like those i saw on Xiaxue's blog
i buzzed them and they told me it is not available here

i think i'm going to spend my day just watching
America's next top model
until around 6-ish and go home for dinner
i don't feel like this is a special day
because there is no cake, no candle, no bb, and oh i forgot

i'm excited at the thought of opening a shop
to sell something *b is really keen lor
he says he would do the id 
and bla bla bla
i just need to get the products

cool right?