September 7, 2010


signing into Blogger makes me feel like a moron
it takes about 30 min just for me to log in
because Blogger decided that
each and everyone of us create some new account to log in

it's confusing me
i'm lucky i am able to sign in anyway

speaking of morons
i am one too

i picked a fight with the wrong person
my mum :(
needless to say she won
by running off with the maid

ok, she didn't run off literally
she brought my kakak to Sibu for my aunt

that means i'm back to mopping floors every single fucking morning
i had time off for about a week
that made it the best week i've had so far this year

btw it is the boyfriend's birthday tomorrow
still cracking my head how to celebrate it in a special way
sucks that tomorrow is a working day

well maybe i could get him to take leave for tomorrow
but that doesn't mean he can run away from responsibilities

i swear he has thousands of calls to answer everyday
annoying can?

ok i'm gonna look for a dress that i can fit into
and then get ready for candle-lit dinner

but what if the place we are going has no candles?
should i stuff some in my bag?

so unglam