September 9, 2010

Money makes the world go around

another boring weekday
i am the puteri of sian-nessss
bow to me
anyway out of my sian-nessss i decided to chat with Ms G
here's our conversation

e e e k a y says:
 hhhahaah good for her lah
 any new interesting blogs to read?
g_dine says:
 i don really read blog nowadays

e e e k a y says:
 u noe what i wish?
 i wish i can go for holidays all the time without having to work
 and that money will fall from the sky
 and im the only person who can pick it wahahaha
 then id be an extremely happy person
 so, money makes the world go round

g_dine says:
 tat's my dream too

e e e k a y says:
 hahaha i paste that into my blog

see how great minds think alike?
even more scary is that
Ms G wants to work in the travel & tourism industry
same like yours truly
only it is not that easy ... Sigh
oh but what is?

on another separate note
i think my uterus is on strike!!
i haven't had my menses since July
and no i am not preggers...  
the hell with unionized workers, they are really on strike
is it something i've done wrong? not feeding them?

its a krazzzy world
everything's gone haywired
that means i have been bloating for super long
i have so much water in me
i can fill up an Olympic size swimming pool

.:: fuckkk water retention ::.

i want to go horseback riding
can somebody tell me if there is a horse riding club here?
i heard there was one some twenty years ago
i swear

i wanna be so good at it
 i'll train it so when the traffic lights turn red 
 my horsemobile will stop on its own
plus, i'll never have to use seatbelts again
i'll name my super horse Ronaldo *** so alpha male

btw my girlfriend just text me
to tell me that i will be seated at table 23 for her reception dinner
i told her that i might not be able to go
her reply? YOU BETTER COME

i ride my horse there
see got valet or not hahahah

boys and girls
don't simply ride on horses 
unless you have Class H printed on your driving liscense 
go ask your father and mother
***** see if i am lying *****

ok, i'm so lazy to edit my pictures
that explains the lack of pictures of late
i promise i'll take more pictures
and post them up
so bear with me alright?

just to motivate myself
i know what you're thinking
let me get this straight
i am NOT trying to act cute here
there's just a pimple i had to hide, lolololox

it's almost lunch time
gotta find food with my old man
my dad lah!!