September 25, 2010

Mooncake hoorara

notice how people give each other mooncakes
every year?
round oval baked snow skin
the list goes on
this year we didn't get as many
maybe only six (6) boxes 
enough to turn me 
fat like like like ok a pregnant woman


if i ate them all lah


and every year 
carpenter street will be closed 
so that those obsessed with mooncake festival
can go walk walk and buy more

i, am one of them
nolah i'm not an aunty
i just wanted to check what the hoohaa was about
and my efforts were not gone to waste

besides mooncakes
there were alot of other stalls selling food
some balloons, lighters, toothbrush
you name it they have it
oklah, maybe not

see see alot of people right?

see? got banner somemore

ahhh got lion dance!! i look weird here xxx

see that my friends? that, is called Diabetes...

ok what do we have here
we have cotton candy, lion dance, mooncakes
and no lanterns or tea
when you talk about mooncakes

what immediately comes to mind
is definitely of course mooncakes, those old school ones
kids carrying lanterns 
old folks drinking tea while savoring mooncakes
and the lady on the moon

i didn't see any of those at the festival
not a hint of the traditional culture however hard they tried
i have two words for it