September 26, 2010

The most tiring day

of my life has got to be today
i'm serious.....

actually it began last night
when i suddenly felt nauseous
and puked hardout
cold sweat all over, it was terrible

this morning i woke up at 8am
and i had to pack my things
go eat breakfast and rushed to the pharmacy
to buy meds and saline for my lenses

rushed off to the airport 
to check-in only to find that
my flight was actually at 12.55pm
instead of 11.55pm

and when i boarded the plane
we were delayed by some
silly passengers who boarded the wrong plane
we took off at 1.45pm

arrived at 3.20pm
then there was another one hour drive to town
had to run some errands before
i had dinner

after which we headed for Genting
and then we were delayed again
our car broke down
three times on our journey up the hill

so damn unlucky lor
when we arrived at the hotel
we were again delayed by the hotel staff
that took another one hour or more

right now i'm finally in the room
tell me that is not a long day
i could've flown to L.A already

not feeling lucky
not going to the casino