September 14, 2010

So just the other day

my boo and i decided to do something 
about our atrocious weight gain

Day 1
we went jogging at amphitheater
i walked 2 complete rounds
while he jogged 4 rounds and walked another
before we stopped to do some stretching exercise

i would have normally shunned jogging at 5pm
cause in my opinioin
it is much healthier to jog at 6 or 6.30 in the morning
and the air of course, fresher

trouble is, we have a hard time
waking up at 6ish
or more like we'd rather sleep in 
during a public holiday or weekends

Day 2
yesterday we went swimming
at first i hesitated to jump into the pool
cause the water damn cold
i damn scared of cold water CAN?

i tried alot of ways to avoid going in
but that couldn't fool the bf
and eventually i gave in and braved the cold!!
geng anot??

after 90 min in the pool
we decided to call it a day
primarily because i hadn't had dindin
and that it was already getting late

it took me less time to get out, say 1 min?
and in no time i was bathing
changed and ready to go MAKAN
settled for late night chicken rice

i woke up, sore here sore there
the body is aching soooooooooooooooo badly
and i thought to myself there is no way
i am going for badminton today

so what if i am fat?
i'm gonna prolly let it be
so what if i am inactive? 
at least it doesn't leave me sore everywhere!!

and i noticed that exercising made me eat more
right after, i think
problem is, how to pysche my boy
not to hit the courts tonight