August 30, 2010

Rags to riches

That only happens in fairytales laaaaaaa
And my life is no Disney fairytale
I don't walk on gold-paved roads
And everything I touch withers and dies
In short, my life is hell turned over
And over n over n over

Ok I'll admit it *I'm fuming* wtf
I need a Xanax like House needs his Vicodin
The doctor never gives enough
And I end up blowing everyone's head away
But for a reason, I think everyone needs 
a knock on their head to keep them going

And who better to whack them if not me?
Whack Whack Whack knn
I can feel my old friend on the prowl as I am typing
That could only mean I need 75mg of Voltaren
after which I would feel normal again
Could be my pms but anyhow anyway idk idc

Separately the waiter at Samudra is pretty darn stupid
He had to take my order 3 fucking times before he got it right
I am so tempted to wallop him 
but at the same time I feel sorry for him
Because maybe every other customer he serves 
wants a piece of his sorry ass?!!

It's funny how when I piss myself off
Blogging always does the trick for me
Writing mellows me down, very much
And then I forget what it was that provoked me
I sound like a brat I know 
but that's only because ya'll treat me like one

makes a whole lot of sense
Doesn't it?
I damn clever right?

I need a life
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