April 23, 2010

hair like hers

those who know me well will know whom i adore
 Asian artists: it comes down to Hsu Qi and Elva of course
Though Hsu Qi in the earlier days was abit dodgy
soft porn and all, her career blossomed and now she is one of the most well known actress abroad
Elva on the second hand
has also been steadily progressing 
but its her elaborate outfits, funky getups that really catches one's eye

every once in a while i'd browse the internet for their latest pictures
yesterday the search was on Elva
i major love her hair lo
she's growing her hair after she cut her famous locks for a long bob
*quite an annoying length if you know what i mean**
doesn't matter if you have a personal hairstylist 
that makes sure that her hair does not fall out of place 24/7
the few perks of being a star!!

allow me to show you her hair which i love heaps
no frills au natural
it's not even high maintanence
she lets it run loose on normal days
and glams it up with spray and heavy makeup when she's performing
enuf blabber
here's her picture
many hearts !!!!

my hair is about the same length
but it's not highlighted like hers dang!
i wanted to get it colored but baby refused to let me dye my hair
reason? well because i am not a star nor do i have any personal stylists
well said guess it'll just have to be what it is
but i major major love her hair
it's like she is chinese version of the jennifer hairniston

alright enough whining
i need to do some housework
go on, i dare you to laugh