April 25, 2010

i miss my cousins buwaWawaa

i love me family
even if it is just the four of us
but from time to time
i'd reminisce the good old days
when my cousins used to come over to my place
and turn the house topsy-turvy
oi no Joke!

now that we all have our work, soulmate (some) and different agenda
it is kinda sad to see the bond fading and fading as we age
we hardly get to see each other
so time is very precious when we have time to hook up
this doesn't happen very often
it doesn't help when you are married to your work
that means taking leave to entertain visiting relatives from faraway

i see young todlers 
and i think to myself the only time i'd get to enjoy that kind of feeling
will be when i have kids on my own
lolol it'd be a handful
friends have lamented that babies or toddlers are very demanding 
and have warned me so much i'm very paranoid

so no kids for me
for now
cousins yes

e misses ya'll