April 22, 2010

my precious boo

grinned from ear to ear the whole afternoon
all because of a surprise "special" gift i bought for him
i had to lie and say that i was driving my dad to the hospital to meet someone
while in actual fact i was waiting for my friend Poonie to pass me the phone

what happened was Poonie smsed me to say he would be getting a white Iphone next week
wondering if i was interested cause i was mad craving for it before i bought my berry
and that spurred the whole idea of getting my baby a new phone
the poor fella had to trade in two phones for a Bold2
and was using a cipalang phone as his main work phone

and i recalled him saying several times that his former phone, the E71 had served him well
so i quickly put an order for its presuccessor e72
at first i was a little worried that he might not be happy with my choice
why not?? since men are from mars and we superior being are from uranus
the phone comes in three colors - zodium black, metal gray and topaz brown
i got the metal gray one, with my fingers crossed hoping he'll like it

after CODing with Poonie i quickly dialed baby's number and asked if he wanted to do lunch
he said ok and i waited for him to come over to RH Plaza
then as he sat down i leaned over and said baby i lied
expression on his face? b52 hahhaha
he was shooting questions almost immediately 
then i covered his eyes and took out the box for him to feel and guess what it was

his first guess? you won't believe it
before we were together his hobby was phone hopping
even with his eyes covered he could feel by the box that it was a handphone box
so pro~ and then i let him see for himself
expression on his face? priceless. worth every dollar and cents
but not as elated as i'd hope he would be

out of the blue baby leaned over and told me to stop wasting money
ahhh but this was money well spent, at least i hope
baby then promised that i'd get my white 16gb iphone 3gs one day
i just giggled while he played with his phone
i believed i was happier than he was until
i remembered that i had just bought him a Montblanc wallet days ago

now my baby is hebat with up-to-date gadgets
it was either this one or the htc mini
but i personally didn't like the htc cause it is a pda phone
after all he just sold off his htc diamond
and his E71
now he has a bold2 and an E72
anymore chun??
you tell me

is the phone slim or what?
and i love its gun metal finishing
so nice to hold
alas it doesn't belong to me
*scream* iPhone!!!
side tracked again

oh my oh my
i don't think i'll be spending anytime soon
i'm putting myself behind bars
G . R . O . U . N . D . e . D
something like a house arrest
that's only gonna stop me shopping in person, physically involved
there is always online shopping hoorah
internet shopping is the Holy Grail for those who hate to fight a crowd just for a blouse
tearing cause another hole burnt
need to save money
need to save money
need to save money

luvs and hugs