December 3, 2009

my faulty lenses

i ordered not too long ago
irritates my eyes every time i put them on
at first i decided to just let the matter rest and order another pair
but my cuzzie suggested that i should ask the seller if they could replace them
since it came with a defect
so i mustered my courage (things liddat very embarrassing leh)
and asked her politely if she'd replace them
no answer
smed her
no answer
called her repeatedly for 3 times
no answer

then i wrote to her about ordering more since things weren't looking rosy
then out of the blue she smsed me back saying she was going through exams
i on the otherhand, needless to say was ecstatic
not only did she say she'll replace my lens
i ordered five more pairs from her
that is including six pairs i ordered from other sellers
but i find her very very efficient
by the way i was asked to send the defect pair back to her
for clarification which i did yesterday
damn cost me RM8.90

i am wondering if she should bear the costs
ah but nevermind
they are getting replaced
woo hooooooooooooo
colorful eyes for Christmas
scare my cat

*****e wishes gd mornin to all*****