December 4, 2009

i remember when

i left for NZ i swear i've never heard of wheel clamping
we could park left right center on the curb
double park and it won't matter
the most you'd get is a fine
and i brought with me that mentality to Auckland
wrong, very wrong

double parking is wrong and that'll cost you NZ$60 back then
illegal parking is a rude awakening
you'll either lose your car, yes your entire car
or have your wheel clamped
but believe me losing your car is the worst thing that can happen to you
after clubbing at 3a.m
you'd then have to find out where the car is being towed to
and there is a fine of NZ$150

i could always park in any wilson car park
everybody knows that is daylight robbery
the most expensive parking system has got to be wilson
the fees are exorbitant they are obscene
but beats getting your wheel clamped or your car towed
you really gotta be careful where you park your car
and what is written on the wall
pay real close attention
or you end up freezing to death in the cold

which brings to attention
my home town is not so bad after all
and towing services are efficient
one phone call and they are minutes away
i guess the system here is opposite than that of western countries
you wanna tow your car, you call a towing company
then they charge you RM150

which i think is fair
the parking attendants at the most give a fine
and not chalk the tyre for tow trucks to lift our cars away
like i always say
kuching may be underdeveloped
but its still the best place to live in
slow and steady wins the race..

kuching hugs