December 14, 2009

busiest time

of the year is the month of December
with Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations
bonuses and renewing vehicle road taxes
a to z you name it
i have been layan-ing my cousins from Singapore
who came to visit last month
tomorrow my relatives from all over will gather in Kuching
for my cousin's wedding reception
which will take place on the 17th of this month

funnily enough this year i'm not expecting to celebrate the festive seasons
in a grand way like how i'd normally do
find that perfect dress, and it'd have to be two
since there will be Christmas eve and New Year's eve
in fact i'm looking forward to a more mellow night
perhaps a simple dinner or gathering with a few close friends
anythehoots, this is the month to be broke
another friend of mine is getting married this month

note to self: pls stay away from all fried, greasy and oily food