December 6, 2009

heckuva Saturday

it was today
for someone who normally sleep during weekends
17 straight hours spent out
is nothing short of remarkable
the day started from 9a.m
scuttled all over town
covering most suburbs (if you may)
caught a movie and a dinner
another reason to shout about
is i came home RM100 richer - we'll leave that for another day

have you ever felt like you bought alot of things
only to come home to find that it wasn't that many after all
no damage control needed
on a brighter note
i shed 2kgs
*****jumping jacks*****
best news i've had in months
even though i had to visit the A&E
for a jab
RM40.40 to find out that i am 2kgs lighter
is pure bliss

thank you big man up there
i won't be eating noodles for sometime to come

e swears off noodles and sweet drinks

note to remember: cuzzens lost specs and handphone at Lundu today