February 13, 2010

cruising in and out

of KL recently
my last trip was in January
next one's a week away
this time i hope all efforts won't go to waste
those that know me well enough will know what i mean *winkz*
those tat don't it don't really matter
what matters most is my reunion with my eBerry
had a problem with my three-month old Berry and had to sent it for repair
camera was giving me problems
they couldnt fix it so they replaced it with a brand new one
Maxis ain't that bad after all
but not with my mum's help

oh by the way
me smarter this year
spent Valentine's day today
a day earlier
because it clashes with cny reunion dinner
thinking it would save us quite abit
it turned out to be just the opposite
hoteliers ain't dumb lolx

e is bored