November 18, 2009

my hair

is my crowning glory
since i cut my hair to a bob
i've had to live with the misery of growing long hair
which can take months or years
but i now have long long rapunzel hair
thanks to hair extensions
which aren't a hassle to take care of really
some find it irritating and hard to maintain
but i haven't found problems so far

**jeff had a cut and wash**

.:close up:.

one can say i flew to KL
to fix my hair
the last trip i put in altogether 200 strands
half of which fell off in two months time
this time i put them all back and
added another 100 strands
all in the salon charged me RM250
for the extra strands and labor
which i think is a very reasonable price ...

.:ready for the transformation:.

what i didn't know was that yesterday
one of them had fallen off already
my friend picked it up and kept it from me
fearing that i might be unhappy if i saw it
i'd preferred him to hand it over so i can keep it
and ask the stylist to put it back on the next time i go back there
oh well
nobody understands anyway #@#%$#$^$#

.:end product:.

i'm really pleased with what Brenda's done with my hair
she added volume with another 100 strands
but because she was so high in demand that day
she forgot to layer my hair
which means the sides have a big chunk of hair
i guess i'll just have to visit a local salon
and ask them to layer the sides for me
that will make me smile a bit

ericka is unhappy because she is missing out
on a big opportunity
but as old as she is
she won't be doing much anyway
the fire within is fading within her
wat to do wat to do

tired and unhappy