November 14, 2009

7 friggen hours later

i am finally able to go online
i have to say that my mood is far from fine and dandy
something happened this morning
so bad is irrevocable
and i'm still feeling the pain

our hotel is right smack in town
on the left is Lot 10
on my right is KL Plaza
and Pavilion is within 5 min walking distance
damn chun the location
oh, Louis Vuitton is also very very near

thing is
despite its strategic location
i feel trapped in the room
i feel like i've checked into a room in either in HK or Tokyo
where space is grossly small
i'm putting up at the new boutique hotel
Piccolo Hotel which is still under construction

the first place we went was KLCC
to Maxis to get something sussed out
the result wasn't very favorable
and i'm very depressed over the matter
in fact i think i'm going to pop a chill pill to calm me down
my jittery nerves
i'm so cham
pity me will ya????

this is suppose to be my pre-birthday celebration trip
but i think i screwed it up this morning
i had originally hoped for a smooth sailing trip
but let's just say the big man up there is playing some tricks with me
have mercy on me will ya??
it is after all my birthday
i hope, really, fingers crossed
that whatevs that has happened is a blessing in disguise

don't mind me
i've been trying to console myself since this morning
i've lost all desire to shop, club etc
this is bad
but i ate
i had vietnamese and it wasn't that great
the iced coffee sucked to the max
ahhhh bugger
we'll see what happens tonight
sorry for the blurry pictures
*****much love and hope*****
hopefully i will be able to get the cx2!!