November 19, 2009

that time of

the year is here again
beautiful lit-up trees and christmas jingles
everywhere you go
tis the season to be jolly
give and exchange of presents
it is just wonderful
Pavilion's decoration was almost the same as last year's
this year they added a few more trees
last year it was just one massive tree

slap me
i don't believe it
one year has slipped by so fast
i can't admit i'm not ageing
wonder if i'll see the same deco next year
i think best deco for shopping mall went to Mid-valley last year
KLCC had a massive tree in the middle of the courtyard
as did Pavilion at the front door
i'm sure they can't rival that of Singapore's Orchard Road
or Nathan Road in Hong Kong

which reminded me
there wasn't a christmas tree in my hotel lobby
i remember last year there was a very nice one in Concorde hotel
one massive one in the lobby
and two small ones in front of the main door
hmmph Piccolo sucks
no Christmas tree

ah better than nothing
unfortunately i didn't have time to visit other shopping malls in KL
it was just KLCC the afternoon i arrived
followed by Sungei Wang and Pavilion
for the next few days
you never have enough time in KL
you agree with me girls?

*********symptoms of a shopaholic *********

e wanna travel soon