November 10, 2009

going into

utter meltdown
cause my parents will be leaving for KL tomorrow
so will my brother to Miri for work
that leaves me home alone
a situation i loathe really
first of all, there will be no one to hassle
i hassle my dad the most
and he will be leaving on a jet plane early tomorrow
and they won't be back until Sunday
"grabs head"

i spent most of tonight wondering what to do in their absence
during my younger days occasions like these call for a celebration
call up a few friends and party till the wee hours of dawn
but my old lifestyle will not catch up with me
by choice of course
and i won't want it back either
but i will be lonely and i would have to learn to cope
without them by my side
not like its the first time
but insecurity is something i don't crave

sending them off first thing tomorrow
and then i plan to hit the gym
after playing truant today
after which i would probably sleep for a couple of hours
before ..... WHAT??????
life is already mundane for me
what more to say without my family members around me
fifi probably doesn't even know what is going on

but i'm sure he will feel what i am about to feel
when i leave for KL on Saturday
i love my precious family

much love