November 8, 2009

another year


*sorry guys, tried to dig up photos of John's bday in 2005, 2006, 2008 but to no avail. They must be stored somewhere.... wanted to do a comparison.. hahah too bad. maybe it's in the office


sheds himself of the clubber image to an environmentalist, drastic change!!

Naomi and Aprilia
has gone by in a clip of an eye
it was only quite some time ago when i last
celebrated John's birthday in TMI together with Cheryse, Yen them all
and the year before with Jilo, Syl and Sze Hung
and the year before for steamboat with Aubrey and I before karaoke at eagle's nest
that reminds me that my birthday is just round the corner

patrick and jonathan

to sum it up
i think John had a pretty good year in 2009
colleagues helped him celebrate on the day itself at some restaurant
and then they went to barsaga for drinks
after which John met up with James who came back for an impromptu
sorry i couldn't resist

and on the day itself
though it was a working Saturday
i'm pretty sure he had much fun uploading the picchas from work
then he was treated to a seafood feast at Buntal
by Aprilia and the gang
before i went over to Pica to hook up with him
we were not the only ones

Fahrie came by to say hi
Cheryse and Yen also popped by
Marissa and Emil swung by to blow a kiss or two
Pica ended up quite packed full with John's friend
oh James came by as well
just in time for me to catch a piccha
before i headed home
after a tiring day ....

soon my day will come around
how will i celebrate it
thinking hard

what is my secret wish gift?