October 2, 2009

three reasons why i love


  1. i love the thought of being in an aircraft that will transport me to faraway places

take me away
any place but here
for a week or two
routine is boring
boring kills identity
when you lose yourself
you lose faith

2. it keeps my mind off current affairs and other pressure/stress associated with them

i want to break free
shout and let it all out
dance till the wee hours
sleep like there is no tomorrow
shop till i drop
do them all like nobody's business
*damn chun*

enter stress-free zone when you are 30,000 ft in the air...
well that's just my two cents
it pays to have a good companion
so you won't be that lonely
when you are in some foreign place
and it is always good to have
REAL good friends in KL
to take you round and about

3. i love meeting new people, from all parts of the world

white, yellow, black
bring em on
different cultures
different backgrounds
star spangled
we all mingle
and be merry

if only we could travel everyday
just like nicolekiss
that would be ooltimate bliss
i need to take a break
right now
i won't even mind eating boxed food
so long as you take me away!!!!

.:sucky bland airplane food:.

ericka wants to be on the go