October 3, 2009


are meant to be abided
but i'm taking a great huge risk
by using office internet to blog
on a lighter note
i attended a pink party at amoebar last night
i'm a sucker for themed parties
but last night i decided to stay low
and opted for a pink-laced piece instead

the pub was filled with
fun people
trannies, gays, cross-dressers, straights
but the theme alone was a big giveaway
John was conned into wearing pink
by none other than the birthday boy himself
Patrick Ling
whom i met officially for the first time last night
Jack as well, both eunuchs
i found out last night
****insider joke

picchas posted below was curi-ed from John
i will post mine up a bit later
when i have full access later ..... ;)
you get my drift
i'm walking on thin ice as i type

.:beautifully done:.
fuschia is my current favorite color *skippydeedoo

though it wasn't the usual crowd
that you've gotten accustomed to
it wasn't an issue for me
one because the place was beautifully done up
two, everyone was having fun
it was fun to be amongst them
btw, i'm proud John was picked as a finalist
for the best dressed male
i don't have to explain why... like DOH!

i thought i had a nose for gays
but i think i've lost the ability to smell them
i could smell them from miles away
but being away from the gay crowd
has stripped me off of my supernatural power to sense them
trannies on the other hand
are a no brainer
but i had a hard time telling who was what
but of course there is always Patrick to rely on

.:patrick's the one in the middle:.
what's with my pursed lips...

wonderful Juju *hope i get her name right
had a birthday cake prepared for Patrick
so he celebrated his birthday for
the second time last night
i offered him to celebrate again tonight
like as a closing ceremony
wtf like three days in a row
not that it has not been done
i recall celebrating my birthday for a week
one particular year
i shall remember that as a good year.... ;)

.:juju on left and best dressed male on right:.

Jack was a being a prick last night
uploading picchas on fb and wrongly tagging names
that is so twisted
i'd blow his head off
if i was John
kesian John kena salah tagged
nemind, we revenge later
scorpios mah ... ;)

.:that's a candid of me trying to get a candid of him:.

.:one of the performance:.

Black pearl whom i got to know last nite
was a real sweetie
not only could "she" dance
she could talk the talk
and walk the walk
i salute!
there were two performers actually
but i was only introduced to one ...

.: my favorite party pooper winning something:.
don care what
as long as WIN
refer to red arrow in piccha

more picchas will be uploaded the min i get home
and when i have free time on my hands
my plate seems to be full these days
i need to learn to unwind
relax and apply
my thinspiration theory
into my pathetic sideways-growing body

recalling Jojo struys on the radio last night
what about dipping the foot in hot water
detox and all
bath salts i'm coming for you!!!