September 11, 2009

zouked out

for two consecutive nights

friday @ Phuture

was so jam packed i didn't enjoy it much
got knocked left right center
and these people were giant-like, think basketballers, 7 footers
alot were foreigners including Arabians
felt like a minority in my own country

.:warm welcome from Jimmy:.

.:old friends meet:.

.:healthy clubber:.
**passed the fevah test:.

.:popped by velvet:.
**way cooler here** literally

saturday - Velvet, Phuture, Main Room & Barsonic
what a night
caught up with Wendy, so sorry, who
waited for us outside alone** gag**
we came late due to what i forgot
once inside i was able to rest my legs on the plush sofa
not shakin my ass
cause i was so poopy tired

.:dear jimmy who makes it a point to meet up every time:.

Wendy meanwhile is another uber hot chick
i met through Jonny Ha
am glad i got to know her
not only is she well connected but
a friend that is dependable, trustworthy and reliable
she earns 10 more brownie points for
owning a retail shop, Plush, in Bangsar, Telawi 3
where i can shop for quality clothes at affordable prices
it can't get any better than that


.:drillin it:.

.:love me hold me thrill me kiss me:.

.:glorious Jeffery:.

.:jolly molly:.
**ivan in the background**

.:posers alert:.

.:turned on by hot chiccas:.

.:caught off-guard:.

.:zoukin' it:.

.:it's Kenny:.

then i met Kenny who took me
to three other adjoining clubs
barsonic was the best
that's where i met Elaine aka Lainey lashes and
the DJ who accompanied Kenny to Melbourne
and when the lights came on
everyone was shouting for an encore
and the DJ had the nerves to spin Chinese oldies

.:just the three of us:.

.:gotta love his cosmos tee:.

.:where's the after party??:.

best part was, everyone who knew the lyrics sang to it
ohhh what a night it was
no one left until the last song was played
and when we finally got out
it was pouring cats and dogs outside
blardy got myself wet crossing the road ova to Maya
instead of hawker supper we had McD's sent to our room
not a bad way to cap our night out

.:spectacular maya:.

ericka's zoukin' it