September 14, 2009

Random babble

Just when you think the new diet plan is working, the scale tips 50. FML

Well, tt is still no excuse for staying in and risked being labeled as a pudgy anti social with nothing better to do cept hide in her shell and shop online.

Hell no. Rot must also rot outside so it doesn't look tt pathetic. Nabeh.

Hung around at T.Usan for almost two hours before deciding on a chinese flick at the new cineplex in town. Anything new is a new loo but this loo is occupied to the max. Seats for the show were sold out from 4 to 10. Tt's 4 shows altogether. Ridiculous.

Left for another cineplex. No luck too. The 7 show was pushed back by an hour cause of buka puasa hour. Off to third and last cineplex. All smiles until the movie started. Recap. We scuttled all over town just to watch this stinking show. Didn't go too well with me. My back suddenly ached hardout. Signs of chronic stress!!!

Fortunately dinner made up for the booboo show. The only downside is, I've no idea how much calories it added to my daily intake. For sure it exceeded the recommended level. FM. I cannot and will not be a glutton but the more I whine about it the higher the number goes. Mebbe I should cut myself some slack and embrace the new rounder curvier me. Shit me not!

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