September 14, 2009

♥ food glorious food ♥

What wouldn't we give for
That extra bit more
That's all that we live for
Why should we be fated to
Do nothing but brood
On food
Magical food
Wonderful food
Marvellous food
Fabulous food!!!!

and then you pack on the pounds
had so much wonderful food in KL
i can't bear to look in the mirror or have another webcam conversation
that's how bad it is
shoulders are widening
hips are sizin up
she knows what i'm pinin' about

they always say
a moment on the lips
forever on the hips
in short, i'm just growing sideways
and at this rate it won't be long before i stab myself to death or slit my wrist
or jump off some building

i've never been a local food fan
especially in KL where you can fine dine
this trip was made special by Jeff who had requested for local food
every inch of the way
i had to give in to his requests
due to reasons known only to Ivan, him and I

so reluctantly, i joined them for
supper after zoukin'
i think only lou shu fun was responsible
for the 0.5kg gain
located in Petaling St
most locals and tourists will drop by
the popular hawker stall for some lou shu fun
to pamper their palette
satiate their hunger

.:very popular "night" dish:.

.:chu yoke mein:.

.:fried pig intestines with small chillies to taste:.

frankly speaking i amazed myself
by opening up to local food
the next day we had to satisfy Jeff's cravings for noodles
so Ivan brought us someplace far (think traffic jam)
for noodles with gravy, lum mein i think
i personally am not a fan of soupy wet noodles
so mine came dry and black, soya sauce i presume
on a scale of 1 to 10, i'd give it a pass, 5
nothing can rival that of kolo mee in my hometown hehe
i think Nicolekiss can testify to this
to quote Nicolekiss:
I don’t know about most of the people out there, but I somehow LOVE the ‘dry noodles’ they tend to serve in East Malaysia compare to West Malaysia. The noodles they usually served in kolo-mee, the chewy elastic effect and simply knocks me out each time I take a bite.

.:just thought it was memorable:.

.:huge as menu board:.

.:wet noodles:.

.:dry noodles, mine:.

.:side dishes: dried beancurd skin and fishball soup:.

every meal with Jeff was nothing short of gastronomic
including dinner at Prego's @ Westin that night
we had one rosemary garlic bread that came in the form of a pizza
and a real pizza with salami, cheese, ham and other toppings
one aglio olio, if u've been with me long enough
you'd immediately know that is my favorite
and a tiramisu dessert to try
so creamy it brought us to 7th heaven

.:the esteemed:.

.:pamperin me with Italian cuisine:.

.:picture that is worth a thousand words:.

lucky for me it rained cats and dogs after zoukin' on saturday
plans to go to Jalan Alor for "kung pao eel" were scrapped almost immediately
in part due to my tummy ache
for some strange reason it decided to torture me right after clubbin
poor boys were so hungry they ordered McD's
which arrived within 40 min but all soft and soggy
well better late than never
minus the soggy part
no picchas to show cause i was asleep then

Kim Gary is a must whenever i visit KL
imho it is better than most char charn teng in HK
believe it or not, or maybe it's just me
i love it when food is served the home cooked way
i always always order the shanghai ribs with vege
or the shanghai pork chop with vege
and cold milk tea
just those two will make my day, ridiculous i know
ivan is so sien of it already * giggles

had Tony Roma's for dinner upon Ivan's recommendation
T.R embraces the challenge to cater to a wide range of food but
hearsay their ribs are one of the best in town
too bad pork is not served at the flagship restaurant in Pavilion
or any other T.R restaurant in Malaysia, unlike in Singapore & the US
ordered ribs, pasta and deep fried shrooms
i must say the ribs stood up to the plate
***lick lick***

.:the iconic dish:.

.:odd but interesting:.

ericka feelin' not so glorious nemore
the aftermath