September 13, 2009

Out with banana

was out with banana last night
this weekend marks his first in three weeks that he is actually in town and not in Kl
promoting some event or hosting some parties
we went to watch the ugly truth
which i found very entertaining, him too
though he was half asleep, blame it on the clarinase
he'd taken for his mild flu

.:outside the jam-packed cinema:.

.:see what i mean:.

.:banana before his meds kicked in:.

after the movie @ mbo (the newly opened one)
we made our way to Pica's for a drink
and bumped into alot of familir faces
that's what you get in kuching
familir faces
waterbooboo invited me to the
finals of Breeze model search earlier
but unfortunately i couldn't make it
mostly because most of my friends were not attending it

but i met the winner herself at pica's
Aprilia is 2009's winner of Breeze model search
she is also a personal friend of John's
i'm so happy for her
she deserves a big celebration
for sussing out the rest of the competition

.:2009 Breeze model search winner, Aprilia:.
feels song standing next to winner

.:clubbing entry is hardly one without a shot with John:.
we're both seasonal clubbers

.:the keypoh checks out my extensions:.

.:i love winners:.

.:and that, my friends, is simon cowell passing on his comments:.
p/s:back towards us

of course pica's wasn't the only place
banana and i went
we politely made our exit and
left for tralivion and backstage
before deciding to
end the night with supper at lok lok's
nothing new imho lol

another week has passed