September 1, 2009

one good news after another

truck loads more of feel-good serotonins
i'm euphoric woweeeeeeeeee
this couldn't get any better, really
i had my bb bold configured
my email settings, bb messenger services and msn all at once
i even got the ring tone and sms tone sussed out
the only drawback was
i used RM74.98 worth of data yesterday alone
but starting today, it will be RM120 for unlimited data
three shouts!

breakfast was great
noodles as usual
but out of the blue
i met the former mayor of kuching
whom i have often brought up in my conversations with dad
well it's great to see that he is in the pink of health
forgotten for his services
but still healthy nonetheless
health does take precedence over all else

.:small one:.

the minute i got home
dad told me i had two parcels
one was big and the other much smaller
naturally the small one was opened first
and as expected it was another credit card
not any card, but the MTV card that i've been waiting for aeon
its finally here, blue and regal with the logo right smack in the middle
that will ensure i get into zouk any time of the night
and bring along one guest
other free perks at various clubs in KL too

.:mah goodies:.

the other envelope was from Jaceshop online boutique
my top had arrived
that was pretty quick given that i paid last Friday
well i'm not complaining
tried the top on almost immediately
good fit, great, baboombam
the only thing that has got me worried
as much as i would love to
i can't tell
it's too too personal
it'll have to wait until i get back from my trip
which is this coming friday
speaking of which
i have to start packing
i have absolutly no idea what to throw in
cause we'll be at the resort hotel
but i'll never be at the beach
so resort wear or metro wear

.:tweeting @ the candy bar:.

.:stole a screenshot:.
ya'll should watch it
i so wanna tell but it'll spoil the movie for u

.:respect me for this picture:.
took alot of guts ya
peeps were watching lolxx

i had alot of fun yesterday
watching murderer starring Aaron Kwok
the hustler still looks very fit and good for his age
that doesn't happen to just anyone
the movie was really good
although it had a funny ending to it
maybe it's one of those artistic movies where
you are not suppose to know what it means

.:even the toilets had a makeover:.

.:watch it watch it:.

even if you're not a chinese movie fan
i don care, i just hate one of the characters init
hate hate hate
hate hate hate
hate hate hate
hate hate hate
you get the drift

surprisingly metrowealth underwent a major revamp
and it looks so much better now
more like a cineplex
but abit confusing still
still, its share of the market will be smaller than that of MBO's
opening next month - the new cineplex @ the spring
here's a sneak peak of the soon-to-be-opened MBO

.:outside MBO:.

and here's level two of the spring

.:it reminds me of level 6 sungai want:.
where all the quaint little shops are
selling souvenirs and odd but unique clothes

oh well
now it's time for me to visit the tailor

ericka still figuring it out
the packing bit
*****major dumbtard*****