September 2, 2009

mad pissed grrrrrrr

.:fuck all retards:.

not my phone not my pet
not my hair not my clothes
not anything but the car and him
who had to call at such a bad time
so effin pissed
the higher you climb the harder you fall
believe it

imma go shopping for a memory card for my bb
it keeps blinking for some effin reason
not enuff memory space was what my Thai friend told me
or i could go buy some more dresses
retail therapy usually does the trick
but recovery's gonna be a bitch
(more expletives)

on a lighter note
another friend of mine would be leaving for KL
sometime next week sighz
if anyone should go that person should be me
why am i stuck in this rut which i call home
i'm not complaining about all the access to comforts of my home
but i need the exposure
to explore the big world outside
shites i'm beginning to sound like a suaku

jon and i have been out several times
once to starbux and Mr Ho's
i hope i was good company for him
actually i'm uber shamed to say that i made him do my work
thanks so much jon
you are just as good as kenny
i dunno i literally know nuts about programming
picchas to come



.:busy @ work:.
accompanied by a swarm of mozzies that night

i remember having an eye infection that night
it was so obvious i had to take a piccha of it
some rude rambutan said it was fungus
oh i must be pms-ing given the number of expletives #$@#$#$%

.:twilight muahaha:.

the following night it was Mr Ho's
Jon had wanted to watch District 9 but
i rejected it * sorry jon
i'm just not into aliens, compassionate or not
i did say i would stick to my **strict diet regime
but i caved in and ordered a pan seared salmon
while Jon went for the mixed grill
picchas to show

.:mixed grill plate:.

.:pan seared salmon fillet:.
***second time i had it that day***

and it came up to a total of


which was pretty decent
should go to Mr Ho's more often
when i lose weight la of course

ericka still working hard to trim those excess ****