August 31, 2009

♥ or the sun in my eye ♥

merdeka eve
i feel blessed
i do
i have fully recovered
i am back to party mode
and best of all, i've shed two blardy kilos
that puts me 4kg short of my goal of 43
but it's a good start
**no i'm not whining today

i surprised myself with a new purchase
you can call it an impulse
since the iPhone 3gs was what i was hounding after
but the month long waiting list turned me off majorly
with me now is a blackberry bold
it's my new baby
celebrity blackberry sightings
another reason to love it even more
takes a while to get used to

.:epitome of coolness:.

bb aside, longweekend's another bonus for those in the rat race
went to spring this morning
couldn't miss out on the last day of madness sales
bought myself a dotti work attire
in dusty pink
i quite like it
i'll wear it on the sept 15 ahakz!

woke up pretty early today
considering what i went through last night
experience tells me that i should never trust patzy
when he says we'll go for a while
then we cruise
that was so not true
i stood on my three inch heels for the longest time ever last night
waiting for him to finish his endless rounds of beer
trust a guy and you're done

.:flanked by two studs, one each arm:.
clement and patzy

.:birthdays are special:.

.:surrounded by beautiful people:.

.:the ever-young chap:.

.:party princesses:.

but i was glad he pulled me along with him
i helped Steph celebrate her birthday last night
it has been yonks since i last saw her
and she is looking good
em mm mm
also met alot of ppl that i don't see anymore
important bit was everyone seemed to have fun
with alcohol in hand
nemind, i have my smokes ;)

.:group take for the bday gurl:.

my trusty lil camera
itchin to get a new one
scratch mah back will you please
old habits are hard to kick
imma tell myself
no loot no boot no loot no boot
sadly the climax lasted just an hour
***my photo taking session***

.:exploring the place abit:.

.:feature pieces everywhere:.

.:i super love this picture to the maximaximaximus:.

i liked the whole concept of the place
twas a lil like a split level loft
with a backyard and a small water feature to accompany
the joint's just very homey comfy
makes you wanna stay
cause you feel right at home
only with a bunch of pretty peeps around

.:more pweety peeps:.


.:of course pweety peeps muz include Ismail:.

.:and the not-so-pweety:.
cause he lied
tbt, patzy is one of the nicest person
i've met this year
and gotten quite close to
tho he has his weak points, countless
helping a friend, is his forte
i find that beautiful in him ;)

.:let's toast to merdeka eve:.
this year - no semangat at all!!!

independence day ya'll

to cap the eventful night
we went over to lok lok's for some skewers
instead of the normal burger Patz would've wanted
always his call
no more no more no more
i'm taking the whip!


.:lifeline for many night owls:.

.:caught patzy in action:.

.:got me right back:.
lol how vengeful~

.:a crowd that can rival that of a pub:.
but not last night

.:Happy Merdeka 2009:.

oh btw, i thought you might like to know
that the cocks (literally) that my neighbors rear
are so damn vocal
like there's a need to be heard every one hour
damn cock!
i have a clock ok?

ericka wishes for the merdeka spirit back in 2003