September 2, 2009

food glorious food

.:main entrance:.

can be found at
at Jambu restaurant near Civic Center
my second or third time there
was blown away completely by the interior
non-smokers sit upstairs in the air-conditioned room
while smokers are shown to another lair below
which is beautifully decorated with art pieces
and elaborate furniture even animal skins
my kinda place

.:vibrant colors are an instant cheer up:.

.:a mini bar for patrons on lower ground floor:.

.:alfresco dining:.

.:the whole patio:.

.:a decorative striped cloth that doubles as a roof:.

.:adding that extra touch:.

best of all it had a mirror ball in one corner
that makes you wanna dance while eating
and they play excellent music all night long
i was so impressed i didn't want to leave
but my euphoric experience was shortlived
when my friend stood up for the tab
as he had to be somewhere else by 7.30p.m
major bleh!

.:mirror ball in the background:.

.:this is scarlet:.

.:pure bliss:.

.:look so contented:.

.:scarlet's a baby compared with Fifi:.

Scarlet's a resident cat who wasn't afraid of us at all
even hopped onto the couch to sit with us
lazing around just like my Fifi
the owner had six other cats!!
i love scarlet so much
i wanted to stuff him in the bag
Fifi'll get pissed though
bad idea

.:artsy fartsy stuff:.

.:strange beautiful artwork:.

.:my favorite pasta:.

.:chicken pate:.

well better to have seen it than never ;)
we had the aglio olio my favorite dish
and also a lighter dish a chicken pate
both were very nice
i am thinking of going back to jambu
if only i consumed alcohol
i'd definitely be there every night for some light snacks
and a bit of red wine to go with
three boos for ericka