September 9, 2009

Foong jie lok lok pics

as per John's request
here are the picchas taken @ Foong Jie's lok lok stall
the one i was rantin' & ravin' about on me bb
size, variety and serving method
well above par versus the (only) one in Kuching
supersized and mouth-watering

.:skewers galore:.


.:this is new to me:.

.:you won't find this in kuching:.

.:we have this but much smaller:.

.:fresh greenies:.

.:jumbo sausages:.

.:my favorite supersized sotong:.

.:you can opt to cook it here - piping hot:.

.:or here at the table:.
told you it was different here

.:supper mates:.

.:super wendy and i:.

.:impressive joint:.

i have no idea where foong jie is located
but i know they are one of the best lok lok stalls around
it's in cheras if i'm not mistaken
somewhere near to old town
apologies, for not paying attention while Wendy drove me there
but yeah, this place is hell good

ericka meets big lok lok