September 8, 2009

online shopping at its best


fashionistas and haute divas
am back from a short hiatus in KL
am mad pissed i didn't get to buy alot this time
all's doom and gloom


every cloud has a silver lining
i came across Reebonz
an online shopping portal
that offers luxury products ranging from
skincare to accessories to designer label clothing
at a discounted price

what's more
all this can be done at the click of the finger
without having to lug purchases across the mall
instead they come to you
it doesn't get better than that
the interface is gorgeous and user-friendly
here's an example of what you will see

current sales event is for skincare
**sadly for Singaporeans only
upcoming perks include up to 80% reduction
for designer label apparel
50% for Gucci watches
80% for bags from coach and 60% for kate spade products
open to Malaysian buyers
three cheers for Reebonz

when you enter a sales event
here's an example of how to work the site
click on the item you would like to buy
and it automatically goes into your shopping cart
it doesn't get anymore simple than that

there is another reason to celebrate
because i am going to provide you free access to Reebonz
so you can shop from the comforts of your own home
for those of you who are interested
where the ultimate fashion experience awaits you

*hush hush*
this is a teaser for my readers only
to access reebonz
invitation link:

invitation code: lefittingroom

a point to remember
sale events last for a certain period and are open to members only
so don't procrastinate and sign up immediately
to enjoy the amazing facilities made available only to members of
payment can be made via credit/debit cards or paypal
credit cards include Visa, Master, Amex, JCB and Discover
shipping, will take 14 days to reach Malaysia

i am mad excited
can't wait for the coach and kate spade sale events to start
join me on a mad spree
what are you waiting for???
up 60% off leh
where to find?

shopaholic hearts Reebonz
Reebonz is an exclusive, invitation-only online destination where members discover designer brands, private sale events, each open for just a brief window of time.