September 14, 2009

return of the golden g-bye

i used to have two maids
whom i called the golden g-byes
for they were never scolded or punished
for their wrong doings
the thing that got me pissed off most
was that i was the one being told off
instead of them because i had no evidence

that didn't matter because
time did indeed prove me right
time unveiled their petty crimes but
only after many many things were nicked
well they owned up and apologized
so it was clean slate for them
until their contract time was up
and they left for their hometown *somersaults*

history repeated itself again today
my new maid really is one of a kind
lemme give you a deeper insight on Sina
she is incapable of cleaning the house
mopping the floor, cleaning the loo
folding or ironing clothes
cooking and gardening

for fuck's sake she has been doing fuck all
at fuck all speed
given the time she has all day
i'd have finish running a 10 mile marathon
nevermind that
today she made an irrevocable mistake
talking back and slamming the door at my dad

it all began when she asked for permission to go out
she was dressed to the nines
complete with earrings, bangle and sparkly necklace
the dress she wore i gave to her
according to her she was going out with a bunch of friends
two girls and one other guy

we advised her against going out
mum got real angry and went to look for the guy
who happens to live nearby
no major arguments but he did give his word
that he would not ever look for my maid
on his part

mum drilled the maid hardout
when she got back
she was fuming
and amidst all these we found out that
she had stolen our jewelry
both platinum and gold
and the rest was history

an epic saga it was
cause she was so "bo kuan"
talkin back at my parents
it wasn't until
her agent came by to warn her
that he could sell her off to either miri or sibu
that would extend her time
in malaysia by another two years
did she stop yakking and protesting

i am so sick of this drama
i kept quiet throughout the whole time
but i have been observing all this while
i know what was taken from me
she returned a gold necklace to me today
but that's not all
but i firmly believe that time will tell
like it has before

i'm waiting for another eruption
today's explosion measures only a mild 4.5 on the richter scale
i can't wait for the big one
the one that will get her out from our house
i have to start locking my room beginning tomorrow
i don't feel safe in my own house anymore
imma tell my dad to cook
what if she poisons us?

thought i was done with
the pair of golden g-byes
her predecessors
but noooooooooooooo
i have another one to deal with now
one that moves silently
like an ninja assasin

done with maids
all fuckalls