September 3, 2009

the complete idiot's guide to photoshop

look what i've done
mucked around with this site and suddenly
i am a movie star
with plenty of blockbuster hits under my belt
****walamala asapala****

what did i tell you?
huh huh
ready for some more?

not bad huh
i have some more up my sleeve

what about that
i'm lovin' it
some more to come
something more recent

fun aye
lemme try another one
if only i could really hear!

lemme see
what else is cool
dammit can't fit my whole face

look i can do this too

and this

and also this
the rubbish bin outlaw

how about my picture on parched earth

i love free softwares
because i can't friggen photoshop
i'd love to learn how to do popart
like how cheesie does hers
she is so good at it
she is good at everything she does
from make up to photoshop
envious lolx


i'll be flying off to KL tomorrow
the plan was to drive up to Penang
but Mr C had to fall sick
so plan B comes into the picture
i'll be partaying in Kl instead
with Mr J and Mr K (if possible)
i hate Mr C
told him that

still not packin'
packin's such a hassle
my flight's at 11.05a.m tomorrow

nolah nolah
halfway done dy lah
pek chek
runnin out of my fav perfume

.:i hate packin:.

the hotel's better got wi-fi

flyin' off tomorrow