September 4, 2009

bah hambug

as i make my way to KIA
i receive an sms from MAS
saying that my flight has been delayed by an hour
i mean wtf
i'm like so prepared to go
what's more i have a friend waiting for me at the LCCT
this calls for plan B our back up plan
meaning my friend will no longer wait for me at KLIA
but at KL sentral instead
which literally means I have to travel alone on the KLIA express
oooooo i hear the announcement to board the plane

Can’t remember when the last time I was

Served food on board lol

Could’ve been my last trip to Taiwan in March

I’ve been flying with Air Asia so much

I’ve forgotten what it is like to be served on our national carrier

I wonder what they have on the menu today

At most would be fish with potatoes and beef/chicken with rice

Potatoes somehow just don’t ruffle my feathers


sweet & sour chicken with fried rice

and pan fried fish with white rice

I was wrong boohoohoo ;)

I went with flied lice of course

And I made the right choice

It actually was quite tasty

In the oblong box was a tin foiled packed rice

Three slices of rockmelon and a kit kat for dessert

A balanced meal I would say

I am seated at 30H in the third cabin

Altogher there are four on this flight

which will take 1h 25 min to arrive in KL

20 min ahead of a scheduled Boeing 737-400 flight


My neighbor is not talkative thank god

He is just slumping beside me

I think he has a migraine or something

He just doesn’t look too well

Ahh well as long as it’s not me

As far as I am concerned I brought all my medication this trip

Unlike the last trip when I went awok looking for medication

In hospitals and specialist centers in KL

And even in Seremban

Hardcore aye?

My ETA is 13.35 and it is now 12-42 as I type

Another hour to go

I hate killing time in the plane

can't wait for the plane to touch down

before i embark on another journey down to KL on the express

that would take another hour (inc walking time)

This is the only drawback to KL

traveling distance and time involved

though it is boring i'm glad the passenger beside me is not a talkative one

he is sleeping blissfully like a baby

something i could never do on the plane unless it is a long haul flight

and i have to be seated by the window

i have the aisle todAY

pretty convenient seat if you are one of those who need to frequent the loo often

like yours truly but today it was different


eating by the lavatory is not a good thing though

my plans for today has yet to be sussed out

perhaps a little shopping or a massage i dunno yet

shopping at bangsar at Plush is a definite must but nothing branded this tinme

until i land the job of my dreams

only then i would feel it is justified to buy a 10k bag

example nia

i already have a bag in mind but just not ready to share it with ya'll

until i purchase it

ok maybe the toilet isn't a good idea

seriously irritated at peeps peeking ova my shoulder to see what i'm doing

like imma get you all killed in the plane on flight mode

anyhoots what matters is i'm not yakking away on the phone

so be rest assured and answer your nature call!!

there's nothing to see here

imma glare at them. brb


ruthless but effective

look it's not as if i walk up to your seat and read the papers together


can i get some privacy here please?

oooooo i can feel the plane flying faster, the thrust forward was so obvious

but it resumed to normal at around 850km to the hour (the norms)

but hey it is an airbus designed to carry more passengers, load at a higher speed

that explains why our ETA is 15 min ahead of schedule

feels like a library in here

can hear papers being flipped and that's about all

not a single chatter and a baby in sight thank god

might like to add that the interior of the plane is uber cheery

lemme count

there are four different colored seats

orange, blue, red and geen

kills ur blues the minute you step into the plane

or maybe it is just me

lately i've taken a liking to colorful things

as opposed to just white, grey and black before

colors can actually cheer one up

i brought colorful clothes with me this trip

of course i brought along some monotone pieces just in case

another twenty before touchdown

no checked in luggage means i have to lug everything around


my bag weighs like KLCC and Pavilion combined

wonder if it'll burst the scale when i return

guess not given my tight budget

why why why

i'd like to stress the point that karma IS two steps behind you

and it is set for sue that u'll reap what you sow

what kinda seeds have i been planting

bad ones i suppose

so no whining now

yay the stewardess finalkloy told the lady in front of me to put her seat upright

i mean what if i had jordan legs?

i know i don't but you still gotta be considerate la

furthermore my seat's the last one so no reclining for me!!!

Anymore fair? He's awoken

good lord his lashes are longer than my extensions

wish i could snap a pic of it and tweet it but i dun wanna

be slapped in the face

he is looking outside the window

where there is nothing in sight except the clouds and the wings

took a picture of the massive wings


he opened his mouth "cloudy skies"

eheh i have what it takes to make a man talk yoohoo

who am i kidding

i'm no veronica lodge, just your average betty

at least betty's blonde

well god if you are reading i want a pair of mini coopers onitsukas and a white iphone for now

i also want a card for shopping in bangsar

can you hear me?

oh the captain has spoken again what i dunno

but we are steppin on it and i have no complaints

ooo i see land

alright imma stop right now cause i need to find a way to get hold of my luggage

and yes i'm tall enough thank you very much

hate ppl who assume i can't get it and no i'm not in my stilettos either

i'd be nuts to travel in them

i have them in my luggage hehehehhe

Landed 13.35 on the dot

so reliable

the turnaround performance would've been better had not been for the delay earlier

salam hormat dan salam sejahtera