August 20, 2009

road trip

to LUNDU!!!!!!!
one afternoon my mum decided to
take us there
she's hell spontaneous
now i know where i inherited it from
tee hee

.:going to change cars:.

.:with Hui Qun yiyi:.

.:passing by 3rd mile:.

.:mum didn't want to use her car went to get dad's instead:.

.:the latest addition to flyovers in Kuching:.

.:going to pick mum's friend:.

.:Polarwood estate:.

.:Lum Tai's car which they used to Sibu the other trip:.

.:our lineup and mum's car behind:.

.:one for the road:.

.:this image looks scary somehow:.
kids don look please

.:more friendly this one:.

.:really gaining weight, its so apparent:.


.:see what i mean:

.:sleepy lil town:.

.:only thing that's great here is the beach:.

.:tea break before we entered the resort:.

.:my raging hormones may the cause of my weight gain:.

Lundu is a small town about
an hour and fifteen minutes away from
where i live
not much to see
but there are two beaches
on either side
either Sematan or Lundu
and it so happens that the
resort in Lundu belongs to mum's friend

.:the four-faced Buddha in the midst of the resort:.

on a separate note
the blue pills have given me
especially at the hind
where too much activity took place
last night
every one or two hours
i had to wake up to
tend to the pill's call
i'm swearing them blue pills off man
they lethal, brutal and merciless

i am in pain